Monday, July 7, 2008

dr. daddy...

For any of you that know my Daddy well, you'll get a kick out of this one! Daddy bought a half-working computer off of Ebay for Mommy, and then he did a surgery to take the working parts from our old computer & put them in the new one! (this surgery had been planned for a long time) Mommy got a good laugh at how careful the hands of the "surgeon" were (he even added a work light, as you can see!) as all the computer parts were strewn about the table...

And I had fun kicking back and watching my Baby Einstein video during the whole operation...

Daddy's happy to report the surgery was a success and Mommy has a working computer now!

Oh, and I'm feeling okay today. I've got a runny nose and my throat hurts a bit, but it's not holding me down. Hmmm.... maybe I should call on Dr. Daddy...
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  1. This one wasn't black market, was it?

  2. Or... if it was black market, it was a reputable black market, right?
    Oh Mark... hilarious!

    Also, I wanna swear that child looks like you guys. Is that weird to say?

  3. Hey Comrade, I make you such a deal on dis laptop.