Thursday, July 17, 2008

no longer "shut-ins"...

Meet Daddy's new friend, Moose! Last night our family went over to Moose's house and had a great time with his family!

Donovan, I'm not so sure about this...

But thank you, Donovan, for letting me sleep in your crib! It was the first time that Mommy & Daddy put me down to sleep for the night someplace other than my house, (yikes-- it could've been rough, guys) and I did GREAT! I slept until about 10pm, and then Daddy woke me up when it was time to go home. And what's great, I didn't have any problems getting back to sleep when I got home this time! So Mommy & Daddy are no longer forced to be "shut-ins" after 6:00pm! :) Yea for some flexibility!

Pait and Donovan, I loved your door jumper! (it's by FAR my favorite thing to do-- you should see me jump!) And I loved visiting you.
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  1. Caroline...supercute pictures! We were so glad that you came over to play with us!!! We had a blast...except that darn bedtime always comes too soon! Hope you'll come back and play again soon.
    Love, Donovan & Pait
    P.S. You left your light-up toy at our house...we'll bring it to church!