Sunday, July 6, 2008

not-so-good milestone...

Guys, I don't feel too good. I didn't sleep that well last night because I think now I'm getting Daddy's cold from last week... (remember Nurse Caroline?) I woke up sneezing non-stop with a super runny nose, and maybe I think saying "aaaahhhhh" will help my little sore throat?!

I was out-of-sorts today. I missed my morning nap, so I fell asleep in Daddy's arms right before we left for church. (so sweet...)

But this little cold hasn't gotten me too down, because look at me when I got in my chair to EAT! (I took a long nap with Mommy & Daddy this afternoon & that felt good.) Yea! I can't wait to eat!

And boy, did I eat! See that bowl of rice cereal? I polished it off! Sure, it was messy, but eating with a spoon is so neat! Pray that I feel better soon...
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  1. Ooooh, E has a runny nose right now, too. Evil. Teething is sometimes directly related to this. E is finally getting her pointy canine teeth, and I think it's making her nose run. That, and it's super hot here and allergies are BAD. Wally World has a great aerosol saline mist that really helps their little noses, although they are never fond of that "nose sucker thing"...Little Noses helps, too, if you haven't tried it. Lots of love and cuddles help, too! Hang in there, Mom!

  2. What a sweet story and an adorable baby. For the record I was born in Texas and moved to Virginia when I was 9; but I still consider myself a Texan. Virginia is still growing on my 21 years later!!
    Welcome to the area and thanks for sharing your story.