Saturday, July 26, 2008

more firsts...

Yea! Daddy's back home! I missed him so much.

But I forgot to mention some more firsts/milestones I had this week! (I'm sure you'll all find this EXTREMELY important...) ha!

1) My toes became fascinating to me this week, and sometimes I try to eat them. :)
2) I laughed at Mommy from across the room! (until now, I only laughed out loud when someone was holding me)
3) I held onto my bottle with both hands at the same time!
4) Don't know if I should be proud of this one, but I wet the bed for the first time! (I guess since I'm so mobile in my crib now?! Why are the diapers suddenly failing me?)
5) Speaking of being mobile in my crib, I somehow got to the other end of my crib (180 degrees) & then somehow reached all the way into the back corner for my little cuddle bunny "blank-ee." Then I proceeded to devour her.

6) See this face? I started doing raspberries a couple of days ago! (raspberries= puff your lips up like this & push air & lots of spit out! I'm getting good at showering Mommy with that part!) I think I'm doing it mostly because my mouth has been hurting, but all babies do it because it's the beginning of learning language! The coordination of my tongue & lips is a must before I can form words!

Does this mean I'll be a clarinet player one day? :) Pop & Mamie, I can't believe you're coming to visit me one week from TODAY!
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