Tuesday, July 8, 2008

flip flop...

Another milestone today, guys! First, you have to know that I always roll over in my crib & sleep on my tummy. It's just more comfortable that way! But then, I'm stuck-- I haven't figured out how to flip flop onto my back again! Until today! When Mommy & Daddy woke up with me at 5:30am I was, of course, on my tummy. But somehow, when it was my wake time at 7am, I was magically on my back again! (okay, so it's not that magically because Mommy has caught me holding onto the side of the crib with one hand while I work on this....) But I did it! And when she came into my room & saw what I had done, I BEAMED with smiles!

Here I am standing tall in my mega saucer-- I am determined to figure out this crawling & walking thing.

See ya later! I'm off to run errands!
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  1. Cheryl can tell you that I sleep stomach-down, too -- and also that, once I'm asleep, it's basically impossible for me to flip over, also. This is especially true when alcohol enters the equation. (You're not dosing the kid to ensure a "good night's sleep," are you?) :-) -- Michael