Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what daddy's missing...

Daddy, here's a few things you missed from Girls' Week, Day 1...

1) I pulled Mommy's glasses off of her face for the first time
2) I laughed SO much when Mommy kissed my tummy
3) I ran my fingers gently through Mommy's hair (as opposed to the usual pulling!)
4) My poop production has TRIPLED in frequency (sorry if that's too much information for you all, but it's true...and Daddy cares to know this...)
5) Oh, and I decided to wake up & have a "party" in my crib at 4:00am with a symphony of shrills until around 6:00am... (I told you it was Girls' Week!) When I finally shrilled loud enough & long enough for Mommy to come in the room & check on me, I went WILD with smiles & kicks because my plan had worked! Ha ha!

Who, me?
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  1. Regarding #4 (since I can often say the same)... Has Caroline started eating Taco Bell?

  2. Well Caroline, you have learned to shrill from the best! Just say, "Mom, aei aei aei!!" and she'll remember! Just don't get so loud that anyone calls and complains! hehee.