Thursday, September 29, 2011

apple pickin'...

This is why we love where we live! We're 30 minutes from the Blue Ridge mountains and there's lots of neat places to pick fresh produce as a family. (Kinda takes you back to the olden days, I guess...) Here was our trip to the apple orchard before my camera battery died shortly after we got there.

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  1. uh.. Caroline you are getting SO TALL! You look so cute in Jeans.

    PS. ya'll should try the tomato tart. Its Vegan friendly if you use the vegan cheese and is sooooo filling and yummy! You'll def want seconds when you have this meal.

  2. ps. that was me, Ashley A. :) Not some creep-o commenting on your daughters cuteness in jeans. phewww you can breathe now. ha!