Sunday, September 18, 2011

at 3 and a half...

(We're taking a quick break from the wedding photos for this LONG overdue post!)

Last month I turned 3 and a half, and you'd better believe that's QUITE different from just being 3. I am growing up like a WEED and changing so much SO quickly it's crazy.

Today, for instance, I said, "Mommy & Daddy, you know who needs some exercise?" ("who?" we replied, a little afraid of who she might be referring to! ha!) I pointed to my chest. "Me." And then instead of Mommy & Daddy taking ME on a walk in a stroller, I took THEM on a fast run through the neighborhood!! Those pansies--- they could barely keep up with me! :) he he

Here's a snapshot of me at 3 & 1/2...

  • I was a BEAUTIFUL flower girl a few weeks ago for Scott & Emily's (former students) wedding! Mommy & Daddy were so, SO proud... and a little misty-eyed, too.

  • I'm now a green tea drinker. :) I just love it when Daddy will pour me a little teacup of the stuff to drink with him.

  • I can read short sentences and words like those in this picture. (we've been told this is not normal at this age)
  • I'm fascinated with books. I LOOOOVE being read to.

  • I'm obsessed with telephones. The old-school kind. It's what I look for in any church's nursery that I visit. Mommy found this one for 50 cents at a garage sale and it made my day!

  • Being 3 and 1/2 comes with responsibilities, you know. It's now my job to put the silverware away after the dishes have been cleaned. I also put the cups back into the cabinet, too.
  • Being 3 and 1/2 also brings new worries and new fears as my imagination grows. Most recently, I've suddenly become afraid that there are snakes & monsters in my room when it's dark. :(

  • Mommy wishes she could say THIS has become a regular job, (won't that be the day?) but unfortunately this was just a one-time "I want to vacuum!" adventure. Why the pink hat, you ask? Well, to muffle the loud, scary noise of the vacuum, of course. :)

  • Any time, day or night, around our house you're SURE to hear the clanking of these things walking around our house. If it's not dress up shoes, it's Mommy's shoes. I am in LOOOVE with "high heels." And as you can see, matching is optional. :)

  • I have just become VERY interested in knowing what day it is. Mommy drew out this calendar for me to know what days I do what. I keep counting down the days until it's Monday & Wednesday because I get to go to PRESCHOOL!!!

  • Speaking of preschool, it's been great for me. I LOVE it. But to be honest, it's also rocking my only-child world, too. I just don't seem to understand why kids push or hit, and so Mommy has had to teach me what to say when that happens and when I want to push back. We're in the midst of major life lessons! Thankfully preschool is there to help me understand that 1) I'm NOT the center of the universe and 2) that life doesn't always go your way. (boy, if only we ALL could get those two learned, eh?)

  • I just graduated into a booster car seat!! There are not words to describe how thrilled I am that I get to wear a real seat belt like Mommy & Daddy do. I am sooo eager to get in the car and go anywhere just so I can sit in my new seat.

  • Mamie got me a set of finger paints and I seriously can't get enough of them!

(Here was one of my first masterpieces.)

There is nothing dull about 3 and a half.
It's either FABULOUS or TERRIBLE and not a lot of in between. :)
It's the constant schizophrenic nature between "Help me, Mommy!" and "No! Let me do it!"
It's the beginning of watching your child realize the world is not as its supposed to be.
It's the tightest neck squeezes and knock-you-over hugs you've ever gotten in your life, but it's also the toughest time of digging deep to find the patience and grace not to lose it.
It's the best of times. And it's the worst of times. :)

But we're ever so grateful to have 'em.
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  1. Oh Ames - what a delight. She reminds me SO much of my E - her personality, her smarts etc etc. (No reading that early is NOT normal, but my E did it too...just watch, there will be no stopping her. E is 5 1/2 and reading level 2 readers or higher. CRAZY!) Keep up the good work, Momma (and Dad!) God has given you SUCH a blessing in that sweet little girl!

  2. 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 is THE. HARDEST. AGE. (in my experience, at least, and i'm almost through my second round.) past 3 1/2 has it's ups and downs, for sure, but it definitely gets better!

  3. Caroline, it's a tough time for a little 3 1/2 year old. It will get better. Just hang in there. You too, Mommy & Daddy. Love ya,

  4. great update, ames! nothing quite like a child (and a 3 y.o. one at that) to help you grow up in God, right? miss you guys!