Thursday, September 1, 2011

everybody's got something pt 1...

I (Amy) have had an idea rummaging through my brain for quite some time now, but haven't had the time or wherewithal to actually do it. But when I overheard my daughter mumbling to herself about her own alopecia a few weeks ago, I knew it was about time. And then an offer for a free photo book came in an email, and I knew it was meant to be.

Many of you might remember the book I made for Caroline shortly after she was born. "God's Special Plan" tells the story of Caroline's birth and adoption complete with pictures. It was/is a wonderful thing for her to understand how and why she came out of Mommy Megan's tummy but is in our family now. It gives her the vocabulary to talk about her adoption and understand God's plan for our family!

Well, it's been clear to me that I needed to put together another book, this time about alopecia. As I watch Caroline growing from toddler into a little girl, she is now noticing she's different. Thankfully it's not to the point of bothering her, but she did tell me she didn't like alopecia.

Thus was born...

"Everybody's Got Something."

Written with love for Caroline, by Mommy and Daddy. You are our beautiful daughter.

(Thought I'd share this story piece-by-piece with you, our blog readers, in hopes that you will also better understand alopecia and learn to adjust your eyes to what beauty truly is.)

Starting with page 1...

God made each of us different. Everyone is special and unique in their own way, just as God wants them to be. We all look different.

Some people are tall. Some people are short.
Some people have brown eyes. Some people have blue eyes.
Some people have legs that work. Some people use a wheelchair to help them move.
Some people are sick and have to take medicine to keep their body strong.
Some people have dark hair. Some people have light hair. And sometimes people have no hair at all!

Mommy has a birthmark on her leg that is different. It makes her special.
Daddy has fingers that are short and crooked. No one else has fingers like his!
You have alopecia, and you are special, too!

Even though we are alot alike, everybody's got something that makes them different from everyone else.

(to be continued...)
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  1. oh my goodness! im your first customer...i want one! im hooked and cant wait to hear the rest.
    thank you for posting about alopecia and about the book. love yall

  2. Caroline will love it. Can't wait until you get it finished. Papa has something that he doesn't like too. He's with you Caroline!

  3. aw, man! i want to hear the rest of the story! i love it. love the preschool pics, too!

  4. So great, Amy!