Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stinky playdough and a boo boo bear...

I (Amy) never understood why other parents made such a big ta-doo out of their kid's first day of preschool.... yeah, until today. Let me tell ya, it was a little surreal to take my little baby to SCHOOL! Afterall, it was just yesterday we were changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night to feed her!!

But this little gal was sooooo ready and soooo excited about her first day of school. She woke up super early just from the excitement of it all. She couldn't WAIT to wear her new silver shoes to school. :)

My little school girl! (wipe tear from eye...)

It's time! Load 'em up!

Walking in.

We saw a very familiar face (Leah!) when we got to our classroom! (isn't this the sweetest little moment?? These gals are literally growing up together!)

So then Caroline was OFF!! into the classroom, forgetting to tell Mommy & Daddy goodbye!! (the teachers reminded her to say goodbye to us, and I'm sure it was more for our sakes!) I gotta admit, Marc and I got a little teary eyed as we walked away. But there was NO question she was going to have a great time.

And she did!!

Our reunion was sweet. The first thing she told me was, "Mom, can I go to school again?" "Sure! You get to go next week. What did you do at school today?"
"I played with the playdough! But it was a little stinky, Mom. It didn't smell good."
(well who knew my child was suddenly a playdough connoisseur?? ha!)

I love the day's account you get from a 3 year old... I know she played, she went on the swings, the teacher rang the bell, they ate a snack, they sang and they danced to the music! (she was very excited about that) And along with that, I got filled in on several pushing accounts-- you know what I mean, who was pushing who. Guess it goes with the territory!

My child was also returned to me with a big 'ole bump on her head. (figures it'd be on the bald kid the first day of school, right?) And no, it wasn't from being pushed. :) Apparently she tripped in the classroom & bumped her head into a filing cabinet. (ouch!) The teacher gave her a hug and a "boo boo bear." (aka ice pack)

Everything was fine but the teacher sent home a "cuddle gram" note letting me know what had happened-- I'm thinking perhaps I should frame it to remember our first day of school?? :)

So thankfully stinky playdough and bumps on your head are not enough to ruin your preschool experience right off the bat because this gal can't wait to go again.
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  1. yay! i'm glad she had a great first day! and yeah, i couldn't understand all those sappy parents before relinquishing my own little treasures. :-) so now i guess you get to catch up on your nail care and napping while she's in school, right? ha!

  2. Aww She looks so cute!! Warm blog :)

  3. Sounds (and looks) like Caroline and Leah both had a great day at pre-school. Leah mentioned the dancing, too! Seems like just yesterday I was strolling with Leah and Mark was walk w/Caroline! I think the parents handled it well, too!
    Leah's Memaw!

  4. She looks so adorable, and I am sure she is the smartest one in the class :) I use to think parents were silly for crying, but now that I am a parent, I think I will be crying all the way home when I take Jack to preschool!

  5. Ah....our little girl is growing up!

  6. Caroline, We are so proud of you. We are glad your first day was so great! Love ya