Thursday, August 18, 2011

everybody's good at something...

Caroline was passing out compliments to many of you in her life this morning, so I thought I'd share...

(beginning with the RUF students)

Abi- she's a good "cupcaker" (she made cupcakes, of course)

Ben- "silly Ben"

Tiff- good eater

Will- "silly Will, he does silly things"

Sarah- silly girl

Lindsay- good hugging me

Lindsey- good eater

Mommy- good "violiner" and "cooker"

Daddy- good singer and good pastor of the students

Emily- good at getting married to Scott (which she won't do until Sept. 3rd & Caroline's gonna be her flower girl!)

Alyssa- good at going to the beach with us

Tim & Sarah- good at eating with me, "I wanna go to their house and meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!" (they live in Orlando, Florida now...)

Sue Sue- good at hugging me and Leah

Leah- good playing with me

baby Maggie- good "stander upper"

Kelsey- good at feeding Maggie

Mommy Megan- good at hugging me

Mamie- "I like going to her house"

Pop- "silly boy"

Nanny- "hugs me"

Papa- "tries to get my sugar and I tell him 'no'"

Aunt Sharon- "hugger to me"

Laura- "plays with me"

Callie- good Bible reader

Angie- good driver

Lucy- "let's me go outside"

*This list is obviously not exhaustive of everyone in our life, but hopefully it affirmed some of you to know you're at least good at something! :) he he


  1. Definitely read this while eating ice cream. Good to know I can uphold my title :D

  2. You can come to my house any time, Miss Caroline.

  3. glad we made the list and she hasn't forgotten us yet!

  4. Awww..... :) Hugs to Caroline