Saturday, August 13, 2011

maggie turns 1...

Happy 1st birthday, baby Maggie! We've watched you grow all year and we were thrilled to PARTY with you!

We love you, little gal! (and despite the look of terror on your face, we know you love us, too...)

Happy birthday, my little friend.

I (Caroline) was honored to blow out your candle for you. (Something tells me you didn't mind...) But then I didn't understand why there weren't any presents for ME to open... (o boy...)

Thank you for giving me & Mommy the opportunity to eat some yummy GLUTEN-filled cupcakes at your party!!

Happy happy day, sweet girl. We are glad you are our friend.
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  1. Good pics. Love the new one at the beginning.

  2. Just love the new blog picture! Such a great photo of all of you!

  3. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG PIC! You are one hot mama! love the dress :) Marc and Caroline look great too. But you take the cake ;-) love you girl!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Maggie.