Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the gospel according to caroline...

Oh, the words that come out of our children's mouths. (Especially my little talker!) Our niece was in town to visit this weekend, and as Caroline was playing near her with a Bible, she began to transcribe Caroline's words without Caroline knowing. (and I'm so glad she did!) Little did I know that my niece began crying at some of the Gospel imagery coming out of Caroline's mouth! Thought I'd share these precious, deep thoughts of my 3 year old as she's "reading" her Bible. Enjoy!

"And they heard about that one day. And she was so sorry. And they were so sorry. And they said we forgive you. And they forgave her. And he gave her peace.

And they almost forgot that one Bible. And their family became our family. His way is opening his way to our way… It’s not our way… We are running out of time… And she didn’t know that one king had took their problems. And they remembered that he took their problems… and we said sorry already…. But then they all had friendly ears to hear with…

But there’s no Bible there, but ya’ll have a Bible… we need to tell them that they’re sorry. Sorry guys. We forgive you. But I love you and I forgive you. But we wanted to forgive you.

I almost looked two days and a year.. let’s go back and see what the time is. But they didn’t notice that they were running out of time. It was getting so dark that they couldn’t see. And then there were lions. And God could ever see. But they couldn’t…

Here it was. Do you want to see the story? One day a man came along and took them with their afraid. But they were reading about one story- a great story…

(with baby doll) But God told them to stop it. We stopped it God, what is it? … Come baby, be with me. She can’t because she’s staying with me, God. Well, she wants to stay with me, because I take care of her. Now I’m going to spend time with you.

The king told them to be still, but they won’t. They just kept running."


  1. Amazing Gospel Story!!!!

  2. Love you Sweet Caroline!!

  3. So sweet! Caroline is blessed to have you two as parents. Josh and I always talk about how lucky she is. It is wonderful that she is learning the gospel from you!