Monday, August 29, 2011

gearing up for preschool...

It's here, it's here, it's almost here!! In less than 48 hours, I, Caroline, will embark on my first day of preschool! Hooray! I have been waaaaaaiting for the day that I can go to school all by myself, and coming this Wednesday, it'll finally be here!!!

(can you tell I'm a little excited?) On Friday I got to visit my school & meet my teachers. I found the hook with my name on it where I'll hang my backpack each day.

And wouldn't ya know, Leah and I headed straight for the kitchen! It'll be so fun to have my best friend in my class two mornings a week.

My teachers, Mrs. Q (for Mrs. Quinones, left) and Mrs. Paige (right) were so nice and fun! (and don't you like how I staged this photo for everyone-- I made sure everyone had a prop to hold for our picture, and my prop was a blow drier for my hair... a little ironic, we know...)

Call the presses! Leah and I are gonna be school girls now!

Check back on Wednesday to see how the first day went!
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  1. Loved the props for everyone, Caroline. Have fun at school.

  2. Caroline, can hardly wait to hear about your first day at school. Keep us informed. Love ya.