Thursday, December 29, 2011

at 3 and 3/4...

It's been awhile since we've posted a run-down of what I'm (Caroline) doing at my age. Since this blog is like a HUGE baby book, it's posts like these that our family will look back upon to remember what I was like at 3 & 3/4 years. (and maybe a look ahead for those of you with younger kids...)

At 3 & 3/4 years....

  • I've got my first pair of roller skates and I'm eager to learn.
  • I absolutely LOVE my Daddy. (can we say Daddy's girl?) I call him "Daggy" in my playful voice as a nickname as I pinch his cheeks. Each time after he gives me a bath, I sing a repetitive "song" to him: "Boing me on my bed! Boing me on my bed!" which encourages him to carry me to my room & bounce me on my bed. :)
  • I can count to 100.

  • Whatever Mommy does, I want to do. Mommy wears a scarf, so naturally I want to wear one, too. :)

  • THIS is the common sight around our household. I am OBSESSED with wearing high heels. Seriously. It's a fettish. We have no idea where it came from.

  • In addition to high heels, I am almost always wearing some form of dress up clothes around the house. This day, (pictured above) I told Mommy I wanted to be a bride and let Patsy, my new Build-a-Bear Christmas present from Mamie, be MY flower girl. (so sweet!)
  • I have discovered 2 phrases that I can't seem to get out of my head right now: "I hate....." referring to whatever-- green beans, a toy, etc. I now know better than to use that word with a person's name, ahem... And my most repeated phrase that I probably say a thousand times a day(!) is "oh my word."
  • I am reading, you guys! Most kids my age are learning their letters and I am reading! Every day I expand my repertoire of words that I recognize. Mommy isn't too sure she likes the fact that now she has to be a little more careful about what she says as she's got little eyes watching her type emails, blog posts, etc. :)
  • Words to describe me now would be: smart, a leader, take charge, highly observant, affectionate, musical!, strong and strong-willed, playful, eager, verbal, attentive, and fun-loving. And for honesty's sake, we should also throw in the word disobedient in there, too.
  • In my world, anything is a toy. I am at an age where I'm really playing well by myself. I have "roomtime" every afternoon for 75 minutes, (it gives both Mommy & me some alone time & space) and I just play and imagine away! In my playing, I'm usually in the mode of a teacher or a boss of some kind... hmmm... wonder if that has something to do with the fact that Mommy & Daddy are always trying to teach me that I'm not the boss....
  • I am praying that God will bring a baby to our house that we can adopt and "buy." (ha ha!!) The other night in my prayer before bed, I said, "God, would you bring us a baby? Like right now." :) (and who's the Boss here?)
  • Each day I love to help Mommy cook dinner. My favorite parts are heating things up in the microwave and stirring in the pots. I set the table and help get drinks made, too.
  • I've been talking quite a bit about death lately, but it's out of curiosity with little understanding of the sadness that accompanies it yet. (because I know when we die, we get to go be with Jesus!) I asked Mommy when she's gonna die, and she told me hopefully she'd be 100 when she died. At the dinner table the other night, I brought up the possibility of me dying. I didn't notice both Mommy and Daddy fighting back the tears that flooded their eyes at that thought.
  • I'm also more aware of my alopecia, too. Not ashamed of it. (thankfully!) But aware that I'm different. I don't think about it too much, but one time when I was, I told Mommy "I hate it." :) (new favorite phrase, remember?)
3 and 3/4 has its highs and lows, it's advantages and drawbacks.

For Mommy & Daddy, it's lots of practice in restraining anger, taking deep breaths, and calmly saying things like "let's say that again in a kind voice" and "it sounds like you're trying to be the boss!" and "God gave you a job, and do you know what that job is?" and "go to timeout" and "it sounds like your heart is being ugly" and "you need to SIT STILL when we eat together" and "you need to say you're sorry" and "no, you may not do that." (We've noted the calmer we are, the more effective it is...)

At the same time, 3 and 3/4 is filled with "You're the most beautiful girl in the world" and "I love you"s and "you know who I'm thankful for?" and "I love our family" and "You're so sweet" and "what a good helper!" and "yes!!!" and "good job!" and "I'm so glad we adopted you into our family!" and "Let's tell God thank you" and tickles and laughs and smiles far beyond counting.

We wouldn't trade this for anything.
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  1. Too sweet! Caroline is such an awesome kid!! Also, I will take full responsibility for the high heel thing...haha

  2. Looks like Patsy is happy in her home. Love the wedding girls.

  3. Caroline, your aunt Sharon always liked to dress up with highheels. Maybe it kind of runs in the family. Thanks for the pics. Love y'all.

  4. great snapshot! great job marc and amy! nothing quite like parenting to grow us up :-) think about our father's pride in y'all! y'all are awesome!