Tuesday, December 6, 2011

roller-coaster uno...

Over Thanksgiving, our family went to Six Flags over Texas!

"Hey Caroline! We're gonna go on some rides!"
"Oh yay! I wanna ride my bike!" (he he)
"Well, this is a different kind of ride. Kinda like riding a merry go round..." (trying to think of something she already knows)
"Ooh! I want to ride the merry go round!" she said with excitement.

Little did she know that day....

...she'd be spinning in tea cups...

...swinging on the swings...

...and bouncing with delight! This was RIGHT up her alley.

Time to try her first roller coaster! Will she like it?

Off they go! (this picture is sooo sweet to me as a mama because she turned around from the back just to wave to ME! awwww...)

I'd say she loved it. :)
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  1. Hey Caroline!
    Your trip sounds like fun! But guess what! There were 5-6 deer in your front yard tonight when we came home tonight. You better come back quick or the deer are gonna move into your house! And I'm sure they won't be as much fun to play with as you are!