Sunday, December 25, 2011

a christmas away...

I (Caroline) have been SUPER excited about Christmas. You'd think it was because I had a list of things in mind that I wanted for presents. Nope. (at least not this year!) I was the MOST excited because Christmas means I get to go to Nanny & Papa's house in South Carolina and be with all my FAMILY!!!

Oh, and we must document this for our own records so we don't forget! People have kept asking me if Santa is coming to my house, and my reaction is to look at them like they're stupid, shake my head, and say "no." And then I'll either say "I don't like Santa" or one time I said "Santa doesn't know where I live." ha ha! Since we're not a family that really gets into the whole Santa Claus thing, (we haven't even talked about it much at all!) it's been funny to Mommy & Daddy to watch my honest reactions to people's questions about good ol' Saint Nick.

Anyways, back to the fun in South Carolina...

(let's face it, what gal my size wouldn't be excited about coming to ride THIS??)

For our family's "Christmas Eve," everyone comes over to spend the night at Nanny's before we celebrate Christmas together in the morning! With over 20 people in the house, it is loud and boisterous and always SO much fun.

This year, Uncle Johnny (Daddy's brother) decided to paint all the girls nails. (so sweet!)

And here we are on our "Christmas" morning with the cousins! We are ready to open some PRESENTS!

Now this year we didn't take any pictures of the mayhem that quickly ensues upon present opening, but just imagine that many kids, PLUS about 12 or so adults!! It's quite the scene of flying tissue paper, and we love it!

Check out this present that was as big as me! Nanny got me a red wagon for Christmas! I was so excited. Of course I racked up on gifts-- dress up shoes, a play cell phone, a tea set, drawing pad & crayons, and tons more. This year was the best for opening presents because now I'm finally at an age where I'm more interested what's underneath the paper than the paper and box itself! :)

It was a great Christmas, Part 1.

And we'll tell you why Christmas, Part 2 was even more special tomorrow...
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