Thursday, May 17, 2012

aaaabiGail!... the word we're hearing the most this week.

While our college students are fully engaged in the conference, the real underworld of Summer Conference is watching all of the RUF kids play together year after year.  These kids' daddies all do the same thing as ours across the country, and since life in campus ministry is anything but normal plus we're spread out all over the country, it's kindof a big deal.

Last year at Summer Conference, Caroline made an instant friend in Abigail (same age).  I think they really hit it off when they realized they both sleep with the same "lovey."  You know... instant bond for a kid.

(Here's a pic of them playing together last year.)

And here they are with their "lovies" this year.

The minute Caroline wakes up in the morning, we hear, "can I go play with Abigail??"  And as she runs out the door, everyone in the courtyard hears, "aaaaabiGail!"

playing ball with Abigail in the courtyard last year

This year we're having "phone" conversations to one another.  :)

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  1. Nanny & PapaMay 18, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    So sweet. Glad y'all are having fun. Love ya.