Thursday, May 10, 2012

we (heart) pizza...

Okay, okay.  The cat's out of the bag.

We love pizza.

Caroilne's preschool class had a special, dress up Mom's Day Tea the other day.

It was very sweet.  The class sang some sweet songs to all the moms.

Then it was time for the teachers to read some things the kids had said about their moms, and it was up to us moms to figure out when it was our child who said it.

Well, let's see... I knew it was MY kid the minute I heard "My mom's favorite thing to do is EAT PIZZA.  The best thing my mom cooks is PIZZA.  My mom's favorite food is PIZZA."

Ummm, you think we like pizza in our house??  YES.WE.DO.

Thankfully there were a few other answers that didn't involve pizza.

"My mom is happiest when I:"  LAUGH.
"My mom and I like to:" PLAY TOGETHER.

But there was one answer that particularly stood out to me.

I loved hearing her answer to this statement: "My mom looks prettiest when she _____"  While all the other kids answered with things like "wears a pretty dress, or wears lipstick, or wears something blue," etc., it was my daughter who answered "when she does something nice."

Way to go, my sweet Caroline!  Even at 4 years old, you are understanding that true beauty is SO much deeper than our outward appearance.  Our character is what makes us beautiful, not our hair or our clothes.  My heart rejoiced when I heard it in her little 4 year old words.  It's little moments like these where I see alopecia as a blessing.

Line up for sugar, kids!  I love how 4 year olds pick up an angel food cake with their hands as if it's a donut.  :)

Caroline had the girls cracking up as she read "Five Little Monkeys" to them.  I don't know why, but I think this is one of my favorite pics ever.

And just because we don't have hair doesn't mean we're not also fascinated by styling it!  These three gals found a willing participant to style and "cut" for a looong time.

And the best answer my sweet daughter gave on that paper, "On Mother's Day, I want to tell my mom:"

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  1. OK, I know it's about character, but she looks so darling in that outfit.

  2. Yay Caroline! That last picture should be in a frame. Beautiful!