Wednesday, April 17, 2013

beyond blessed...

Too quickly do I fall into the trap of complaining.

Sure, I'd loooove to get some more sleep at night.
I would give anything to have one room in my house picked up and clean.
It would be a dream to have children that um, well, obey....
Life with a baby is hard, people!  Young children are hard to stay home with!

But when I think back to how this precious little baby so quickly fell into our arms and our lives, I am so amazed.

And for a moment, my complaining will cease.

We are beyond blessed.

So here's a few things I'm grateful for this day:

I love watching Daddy have a son.
(thank you, cousin Laura, for the matching South Carolina visor!)

It's wonderful watching him with Caroline, too.

It's just different with a boy.

Meet our RUF student, Mary.  She's a VOLUNTEER 4-hours-a-week nanny for us and she's wonderful.

I don't know how I could get through my week without her amazing help this past semester.  My kids love her, too.

She keeps Jameson while I take Caroline to her swim lessons each week.
I'm grateful for this time alone with my daughter.
While we're gone,
She does my laundry.
She cooks our dinner.
Caroline and I come home to folded laundry and a homecooked meal.  (ahhh, could there be anything better?)
As we all enjoy dinner together, Mary ministers to my sweet daughter and answers all of her burning questions.

We are beyond blessed to have her help.  (Thank you, Mary!)

In other news, did you know that the name "Jameson" means "son of Jacob," and "Jacob" means "heel-grabber"?

Well, Jameson is proudly living up to the name "grabber."

Those little hands and fingers want to grasp everything they can.

I am still in awe that WE get to be his parents.  Look at my boys!

Baby J laughs with delight when his Daddy comes home from work.  (even at 5 months!)

We are beyond blessed.
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  1. We are all blessed to have each other. I am so thankful for our families. God is so good. The pics are great. I thank God for Mary also.

  2. Aww! Mary Graves is awesome!!!! That makes me soo happy! your family is so cute!

  3. So sweet! Marc & Jameson are too cute together. They both look so happy. Um, can you send Mary my way?