Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Okay, now for some lighter fare...

(I suppose I should start off with an apology to you, dear little Jameson:  We, the girls in this family, would like to go ahead and tell you we're sorry.  We realize that while this post might be cute and funny to US, we know that in about ten years time, you will probably look back upon these pictures with a healthy dose of embarrassment.  That's okay.  Welcome to the family.  But you must understand-- we gals can't help but having a little fun fussing over you...)

I'm sure you all can guess which gal did this to the "cool guy"...

Umm, yep!  You guessed right.  :)

And the other gal in the family... (ahem) me... did this...

These small finger coils, as they're called, are not just for looks, but they're also a protective style that promote hair growth. (and as you can see, we need all the hair growth promotion we can get these days!  he he)

Pretty cute, huh?  (here's the great blog, Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, where I'm getting all my help with his hair stuff)

Sweet boy, I know in a few years' time, you won't care a THING about being pampered and "done up."

But we're sure having fun with you now.  :)
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  1. Nanny & PapaApril 3, 2013 at 7:22 AM

    They are both so beautiful. I'm so glad they are my sweet grands.

  2. Tell J I do finger coils on mine too! But then I diffuse and style. Ha! I'm sure he'll adore the fact that his old lady neighbor does her hair like this too when he's 14 or so!