Thursday, April 4, 2013

God's Special Plan, part 2...

Shortly after we adopted Caroline, it was important to us to write a children's book for her to be able to learn her own adoption story.  Those of you who were with us in the beginning days and years of this blog might remember it... "God's Special Plan."  (You can see & read it here.)

Over the past five years, that little book has been a treasure for our daughter.  Since before she could even form words, Caroline has seen pictures of her birthmommy Megan and heard the story of how God led birthmommy Megan to pick us to be Caroline's forever parents.  She knows she came out of Megan's tummy, and that Megan was so sad to say goodbye, but happy to follow God's plan.  Writing the book was also an opportunity for Marc and I to teach our daughter how her story is similar to how God adopts ALL of His children, too.

Well, with the beautifully unexpected addition of sweet Jameson David, it was time to write out his "God's Special Plan."  (especially when a coupon code for a free photo book came to my email recently!)

Since I need to respect the privacy of Jameson's birthparents and keep their identities confidential, I'll share just a few of the pages with you guys online.  (if you click on a picture, it will enlarge and you should be able to read the text, so I'll spare you here.)

Here is "The Big Day" page, the day Jameson was placed into our arms and our family.

It makes me tear up just remembering it.

One of the most amazing and surreal moments of my life.

Here's a page about his first weeks home.

And the last two pages read:


We loved you before we met you.
We loved you when we met you.
We loved you when we brought you home.
We love you now.
And we will always love you,
no matter what.

God's plan is pretty special,
wouldn't you say?"

"We are glad that your story is like the greatest story
of how God adopts all of His children.

He loved us before He created the world.
He loved us before we were born.
He loved us when we were born.
He'll love us when He brings us home.
He loves us so much that He gave us His only son.
And He will always love us,
no matter what.

God's plan is pretty special,
wouldn't you say?"

God's plan IS pretty special,
wouldn't you say?
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  1. Thank you for sharing God's special plan with us. We never get tired of hearing and reading it.

  2. That is so sweet! I love it!