Thursday, September 5, 2013

a whole new world...

It's the third day of kindergarten, folks, and I didn't realize how lonely I would be without her.

I mean, I was the parent who was BEYOND ready to get school going.  I didn't shed any tears the first day when we dropped her off.  But these last few days have been so loooong without hearing her voice, or watching her play, or eating lunch together, or just being with her.

I miss her.

I know I'll adjust, but right now?

I miss her.

She was a combination of excitement and nerves the first day.  (I guess we were, too.)  It just all felt so surreal taking this picture in front of her school.

This can't be happening...

At her desk, ready for school to begin.

Now, hear me out.  I'm not having a hard time with the letting go and letting-someone-else-teach-my-kid part of this.  I know she is right where she is supposed to be.

We PRAYED for Caroline to get this kindergarten teacher.  We already know her because her two daughters (middle school age) are also adopted through the same agency we used for Jameson.  She is an AMAZING teacher, and she already knows and loves my daughter.  (Thank you, God!)

In Caroline's class, there is another special little girl who was born without one hand.  She struggles, just as Caroline does, with the insecurities of being different and people's reactions to her.  The first day of school, the combined kindergarten classes had "rug time," and the theme of the week is "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."  Caroline's teacher introduced the friend without the hand to the class, and asked if she wanted to tell her classmates about it.  She didn't.

Then the teacher had Caroline come sit in her lap, introduced her to all the kindergarteners, and asked if Caroline would like to share what makes her "fearfully and wonderfully made."

And I couldn't have been more proud of my daughter.  She told them EVERYTHING about her alopecia.

The first day of class.  And she felt SO good about it.

Thank you, God.

As amazing as this school and education is-- and it is crazy impressive-- there's another big reason we chose it...

Meet Caroline's art teacher.  Also an alopecia buddy.

She wears no wig.  She is an incredible Christian woman.

And my daughter will have a teacher EVERY WEEK that looks like her.

Ummm, how AMAZING is THAT?!?

God, I do not deserve such a blessing!

So my little gal is THRIVING in her new classroom.  After just two days, she's already speaking some Latin, doing some sign language, and learning a TON.  Only 12 kids in her class, and not a minute is wasted.  She's already coming home and teaching us a thing or two... :)

And while she's hard at work...

I'm at home with this wonderful, handsome guy... (yes, we are now at that stage...)  :)

He might be walking before he gets a single tooth!  ha ha!

I know God has us where He wants us.

It's just hard to say goodbye to those precious years I had with her.
I know there is joy in the years to come, too.
But right now, let me be an emotional, boo-hoo'ing mama.

And pray for our family, as all four of us adjust
to this new schedule and this new world of school.
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  1. It's hard for me to imagine adjusting to not having Jack here with me everyday-good thing I still have a couple of years! I hope you enjoy some great one-on-one time with Jameson! And I'm so glad to hear how wonderful Caroline's school is!