Friday, September 20, 2013

where she needs to be...

Well, I must say, as difficult as the adjustment to school-life has been for me, I can't neglect to tell you all the wonderful things about it, too.

This girl is LOVING school.  She was made for it.  She comes home with so much new knowledge (in kindergarten!), and so many new, sweet friends.  One of them is the little girl in her class without a hand... how precious is that?

And for her to have an amazing art teacher that is beautifully bald like her... how could I be more grateful?

So even though the change of pace has been difficult, every day confirms that she's exactly where she needs to be.

Here's what they're working on this week alone. (this is a classical Christian school, fyi, from a reformed episcopal background, though students and faculty are from over 40 different churches in the area)  

We've got a ton of papers in the folder each day, and I love how she adds her own Caroline "signature" by putting a flower headband on top.  :)

On a little side note, I'm actually having fun with the school lunch thing for now!  (I know, I know- I'm sure this eagerness won't last too much longer...)  I spent an ungodly amount of money for this lunchbox (called a Laptop Lunch), but it's seriously been AMAZING for us.  In addition to school lunches, we take it on trips and pack snacks in it, and I don't know if it's the bright colors or the little, separate containers, but I can pack a bunch of veggies in there and they'll surely be gobbled up.

If you search on Pinterest, you can find parents who get a little crazy, over-the-top obsessive about this lunch packing thing, but for me, it's kinda fun to think of what simple things I can fit into each container, and the best part is- it miraculously comes home EMPTY every time.  (that probably makes it worth the investment...)

Here's a lunch I packed the other day-- 1/2 turkey/cheese sandwich, Pirate Booty, cucumbers & carrots with ranch to dip in, a pickle, blueberries, and a cookie.  Not to shabby, eh?

Here was yesterday's-- 2 hardboiled eggs, salad with ranch, a muffin (just taken out of the freezer-- made these with her several weeks ago), veggie straws, grapes, and a cheese stick.

What's also nice about having big sis in school is that I've gotten much more one-on-one time with this handsome fella.

He is growing by leaps and bounds now at 10 months, and everyone concurs that he is the most content, happy baby around.  (Thank you, God.)

He's having a good time exploring the house on his own and taking a couple of naps before it's time to go pick up sister.  He is usually cracking up laughing at her on the way home-- his way of saying he missed her.

I'd say the feeling is mutual on her side, too.  :)

Still trying to figure out how to help decompress the after-school exhaustion and irritability.  (Whew, it's hard!  Some days I feel like my child is possessed!)  But it'll come.  (...right?)

Still.  Even amidst the craziness, God has been gracious to pour so much blessing upon our heads.
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  1. From a first grade teacher to a kindergarten the end of the day, my children always dumped their uneaten food out before heading back to the classroom :)