Sunday, September 15, 2013

milestone makers...

We're in two different stages of parenthood... early school age and baby.

Which means we've got lots of firsts and milestones happening all around us.

Whenever this little guy reaches a milestone, he isn't content to just have one, so there's usually a grouping of them altogether on the same day.

So, within 24 hours of one another, he...

1) figured out how to hold up his sippy cup to drink.

(He loves it.  At least for a few minutes, until he gets bored and lets it drop to the floor.)

2) He also figured out an honest-to-goodness clap.  Before, he was wildly swinging his arms vertically next to one another, hoping for a sound.  But yesterday, the hands came together just right.

AND... (watch this 7 second video, if I figured out how to upload it correctly)

3)  Jameson is blowing kisses, now!  Watch out world!

This gal is also making some milestones, too.

1) She's got her first loose tooth.

2) She had her first day of bad behavior in school.  (I know, not a great milestone, but a milestone, nonetheless...)  Apparently the boy she sits next to in class wanted to play something on the playground that she didn't want to play, so naturally?  She kicked him.  :)

Now, this is usually a "red light" offense that will immediately send her to the principal's office, but because it was the first time, her teacher gave her grace.  (So I guess I'd better brace myself for the next time...)  Though Caroline and the boy worked it out, she had big tears about it when I picked her up from school.  Hence, this note she wrote to give to him tomorrow:  "I'm super-duper sorry I kicked you.  I like to sit next to you though sometimes I do silly things."  ha ha!

They're growing and changing way too fast.
I love them, I love them.
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  1. Growing way too fast and changing way too fast. I miss my sweet babies. Sure do want to see them. Love them so much.