Sunday, September 1, 2013

camping and kindergarten...

Last week was Marc's birthday, and Caroline did the BEST job at keeping his present a secret for several weeks... a TENT!

So Caroline and Marc decided to test it out for us in the backyard as a little Daddy-daughter date Friday night.  (Jameson and I agreed to stay in the house with the air conditioning and cozy beds.)  :)  They got the tent all set up,

but first...

We had our Meet the Teacher visit to Kindergarten!

And God is so, SO kind to give us the teacher we had prayed for, too.  She already knows and loves Caroline, and she herself is an adoptive mama to her two girls.

It was a little surreal seeing her classroom and thinking that starting this Tuesday, our family is in for quite a life transition.  I know she's BEYOND ready for school, and we've been waiting on this day for what feels like forever, but who knows what I'll feel like on Tuesday when I actually say goodbye to her... (okay, I got a little teary just typing that sentence.  Get a grip, Amy.)

Then, that evening, it was back to serious camping business with Daddy...

A camp fire and smores before bedtime were in order, of course.

It was a smashing success, and they're ready to take the tent to the mountains.  (uh, not sure if Jameson and I will make it for that trip, either....)

But these two loved it.  And I looooooove them.
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  1. I love y'all and praying for you. Glad you enjoyed daddy's birthday present, Caroline.