Wednesday, October 9, 2013

at 11 months...

Can't believe we are about to celebrate a big birthday around here!  Here's a little peek into his life at this age:

At 11 months...

  • I'm a content, good-natured guy.  When I hear laughter, I chime in chuckling, too.
  • Still don't have a single tooth in my mouth.  
  • I'm babbling like crazy, and you'll even hear me say "mamamamama" and "dadadada," but it doesn't count until it's consistent.  :)  (Mom and Dad are in a competition to be the first word!)
  • Though I'm not speaking yet, Mommy and Daddy can tell I'm beginning to understand more and more language every day!
  • Haven't had any ear issues since I got my tubes put in three months ago!  It was like night and day.  

  • I am into EVERYTHING.  Mommy and Daddy need to get child-proofing.  I am hearing these two words "no no" quite alot throughout the day, and I don't think I like it.  Right now I'm particularly liking getting into the kitchen cabinets, reaching into the dishwasher, and putting little bits of whatever's on the floor into my mouth.
  • Even though I have no teeth yet, I'm starting to gum up some real foods in addition to my baby food: banana, avocado, soft cooked veggies, dissolvable puffs, and bread.  
  • I'm taking two naps a day- morning and afternoon.  I go to bed around 7:30pm, and wake up to take a quick bottle usually around 10:30pm.  Then I'll sleep until 7:00am when I hear my sister getting ready for school.

  • I love toys and things I can BANG on.  The noisier, the better. (does this mean I'll be a drummer?)  I crawl TOWARDS the roaring vacuum.  Also love toys that play music, too!
  • Recently I've become enamored with books.  A few current favorites are "Moo Moo, Brown Cow," "Buzz Buzz Busy Bees," "Goodnight Moon," and books with textures to feel and flaps to lift.  When Mommy gets to the end, I turn the book over and open it up to the first page to get her to read it to me again.  And again.  And again.  And.....
  • Not walking yet, but crawling and cruising everywhere.  Yesterday, I started to stand up in place without holding on to anything.  I especially like to "walk" holding on to Mommy or Daddy's pant leg.  I can climb up stairs and dance, too.

  • I love doing Paddycake and learning new things to do with my hands.  I can wave hello and bye-bye, blow kisses, give baby kisses, say "all done" and "more" in sign language at the dinner table, clap, and throw a ball.  (this is a new one, so I'm having fun throwing anything I can find up in the air...)
  • Not a ton of separation anxiety at this point like my sister had, but when Mommy hands me off to someone else, I will cry.  When she comes back to get me, my face lights up.  I know who my Mommy is.  :)
  • I LOVE my sister, and she loves me.  Though she's not the most gentle player with me, I'll start fussing if she gets too rough.  She cracks. me. up.  No one can make me laugh harder.  If she's crying or upset, I will cry, too.
  • I love my Daddy, too.  When he comes home, I let him have it for leaving me all day-- crying for him to hold me.  :)

We've been a family of four for 11 months.


And now we can't imagine life without him.
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  1. Jameson, we are so glad to have you in the family. Happy 11 months! Nanny will help you walk. Don't tell mama & daddy! Love you.