Monday, October 28, 2013

coming to...

With all of the emotional stress over my dad's transplant surgery, mind if we lighten the mood a little?

It's a good thing we have Jameson around to keep us entertained and laughing.

Today was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  After sleeping for 36 hours, the doctors began lifting my Dad's sedation levels very slowly, which resulted in some minor agitation and breathing that was too quick for their taste.  Though it was unnerving for us, the family, it didn't seem to alarm the doctors.  They sedated him again, this time with a different medication, and then his "coming to" was much smoother.

So by the afternoon, he was responding to commands, opening his eyes and nodding, saying the words "thirsty" and "sick," and eating on ice chips.  Still mostly groggy, but the beginnings of alertness.  Very thankful for today's progress, especially after a bit of a shaky start.

I've got to get myself out there soon.
It's tormenting to be so far away with something this major.

Thank you so much for continuing to lift him up in prayer.
There's a long recovery ahead, but hopefully each day will be a little easier than the last...
I'll keep you posted.
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  1. We are praying 3 times a day for your Dad. Hope you will be able to go soon. Let me get through Monday (colonoscopy) & I'll be ready to go. Love y'all & praying continually.