Monday, October 7, 2013

proud mama moment...

Allow me to share?

Apparently each fall, Caroline's school hosts a poetry recital.  Each student memorizes and performs a poem for their classmates, parents, and some judges, and the top two from each class are chosen to perform at the school-wide poetry recital.

Each kindergartener memorized a Mother Goose Rhyme, and Caroline's was called "Baby Dolly."  (hence the props you see here)

For weeks, we were asked to practice with our children at home, working on diction, inflection, rhythm, adding gestures, speaking at a good volume, stage presence, etc.  They encouraged using props and costumes, and I'll admit, my heart could EASILY tend towards being a stage mom.

So, for that reason, I purposefully didn't make an overly big deal of this whole thing.

Afterall, Caroline's always been the kid who is good at things, (smart beyond her years!) and honestly, she needs more opportunities to watch others excel.  So I was content to let some other "go-getter" parents enjoy a win this time around.

The kids were all SO excited to finally perform their poems for their parents.  They'd been practicing in class as well, so they actually came away with learning twelve Mother Goose Rhymes and not just one.  (Caroline would recite the other children's poems to me-- in the voice and inflection of that child, of course.)

Her teacher welcomed everyone before the performances began.

And my sweet girl was the first to go!  She did so great!

Just four little lines, but oh, how we practiced those lines.  I told her this would be the LAST day she'd have to recite "Baby Dolly" ever.

Each one of them did great, actually!  Not a bad one in the bunch!

Well, not long after we left school, I received an email letting me know that Caroline and another boy (back row on the right) had been selected as the winners for their class!  

I guess that means "Baby Dolly" doesn't retire yet, afterall.

So this Friday evening, she'll be performing her poem again at the entire school's Fall Poetry Recital.  Way to go, Caroline!  (I always knew I had a drama queen-- ha ha...)  :)

I think I've mentioned this to you guys before, but see the girl on the very right of the picture above?  She is the gal with only one hand, and we love her to pieces.

How good is God to place these two gals in the same class!?  They are becoming sweet, sweet friends, and what an encouragement they can be to one another as they each grow and wrestle against their own differences.  So thankful.

AND so proud of my baby girl!
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  1. yay! congrats caroline--what fun! and congrats stage-mom at reining it in! I have to do the same thing with most piano lessons and class presentations. so glad she and her friend are bonding so nicely!

  2. Caroline, I'm so proud I could burst! You are nanny's sweet baby doll and I love you!