Tuesday, October 22, 2013

smokey keeper...

She'd been hoping for weeks.

"Mom, I really want to be Smokey Keeper!"

"The smoky what??" I'd ask, wondering what in the world she was talking about.

"SMOKEY KEEPER!" she'd raise the intensity and volume of her voice.  Because then I'd surely understand.

Well, turns out this was finally the week.

Caroline was to be the "Smokey Keeper."

Meet Smokey, folks.  He was our weekend guest.

He comes with a small suitcase of items-- clothing, bibs, books, food-- because he travels around to classmates' homes each weekend.  It's up to the student to care for Smokey and take him places with the family, then chronicle the weekend (with photos and words) in Smokey's scrapbook.  (fun, right?)

From reading the other entries in the books, it looked like Smokey is quite the adventurer!  Just this year, he'd already been to the beach, putt putting, to a playground, a pumpkin patch, etc.

Good thing we had some fun for him up our sleeves, too.

We took him to the farm!  Here's Smokey chilling out on the hay ride.

Then Smokey got a little wild on us and decided it'd be a good idea to wander off through the tall corn field!

But he wasn't gone too long before we found him.  Sneaky guy, that Smokey.

This way, Smokey!

Now how many bears get the opportunity to ride on a 76 year old tractor, eh?

Can't you see the excitement just BEAMING from his face?

It was a great afternoon for Smokey.  (and for the rest of us, too!  I'll share our pics soon, but first things first, right?)

Sunday morning, Smokey, of course, came along to church with us. (Caroline carried Smokey's diaper bag complete with snacks, a book, and a sippy cup)

And would you believe he got to be introduced UP FRONT during announcement time to the WHOLE CHURCH?!  We didn't get to snag a picture of that one, but it's a good thing.  Smokey was already too embarrassed as it was.  Not sure he liked all the attention.

Welcome to this family, Smokey.  You get lots of attention....

We gave this bear some culture, too!  I (Amy) had a Halloween symphony concert to play, and all the kids in the audience got to dress up.  Thankfully Smokey stayed quiet for most all of the performance.

Smokey was the BOSS on the bells.  You should'a heard him.

We loved having our guest of honor.  Maybe he'll come back and see us again?

Smokey, you're the best.
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