Friday, January 10, 2014

love is thicker than blood...

People seem to have different reactions to open adoption,

the idea that both a birthfamily and an adoptive family
maintain open communication throughout life.

Some are afraid of it.  Some are confused by it.  Others are intrigued at it.

We, however, couldn't be more thankful for it.

In the olden days of adoption, most adoptees grew up 
having no connection or contact
with their birthfamilies at all.
Adoption was perceived as shameful,
and many children were even lied to
thinking they were united to their family by blood.

As if blood was the litmus test of belonging...

Thankfully, things are beginning to change
in the world of domestic adoption.
More and more adoptees
don't have to wonder where they came from
or send out a search to find their birthfamily.

We can't forget that adoption is ultimately born out of brokenness,
and there is no shortage of grief
when any parent/child relationship is severed.
But adoption brings redemption out of the ruins,
beauty out of the ashes.
And to me, that's a more beautiful picture
of a Gospel-centered love.

Afterall, those of us who are in Christ
didn't come to this family by blood, but by Love.
Each of us has been adopted into His family.
We belong.
And that's something in which to rejoice!

Marc and I are beyond thankful that our daughter
knows and loves her birthmother Megan and birthfamily.

Caroline has a relationship with her full-sibling brother, Brayden,
who is two years older than her.
He lives with Megan.
Caroline is ours.

To most folks, this might be unusual.
In our family, it's normal!  :)

It actually grieves us that we don't have
that same level of contact with Jameson's birthparents.
(more on that in an upcoming post...)

Since we live many states away from one another,
our visits together are few, but they are so, so sweet,
filled with lasting memories.

Mommy and birthmommy Megan. 
I'm so thankful she chose us for Caroline!
(We look like we could be sisters, don't we?)

We're united by our love for this baby girl!

What a joy it is to see a mother reunited with her daughter,
a brother reunited with his sister,
a daughter reunited with her family of origin.

Megan trusted us enough to place her own flesh and blood in our care.
How could I not desire the opportunity for them to know and love one another?
For an open adoption to work,
trust and respect must flow on both sides.
Like any family relationship,
communicating expectations and desires is helpful, too.

Caroline even has birth-great-grandparents
who take joy in watching her as she grows
and are so thoughtful to send both (!!) of my children
birthday and Christmas cards and gifts.

God is indeed so gracious.

Because of open adoption, our family has grown! 
Who knew we'd be related to you guys?!  :)
But we're so glad we are!

Because Love is thicker than blood.

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