Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the drive to dad...

This gal was an EXCELLENT traveler.
When the idea came to us, we thought we might be crazy.

DRIVE from Virginia to Texas with two little ones??

But we DID it!

I thought this would be the roadtrip that would serve as the "well, we'll never do that again!" trip.

But honestly?  It wasn't toooooo bad!   We might just do it again.... but not anytime soon.  :)

This guy, however... had to be entertained non-stop.  

He probably ate 1,000 goldfish and ridiculous amounts of McDonald's hashbrowns, but hey...

whatever worked.

17 1/2 hours.

Broken up into two days.

Each way.

Caroline loved the chance to make crafts

and watch shows in the backseat.

These were the BEST hours of our trip...

the SILENT ones!

But it was immediately all worth it once we got to Dallas and saw my dad!

He's doing remarkably better since my last trip in November the week following his lung transplant.

He and my mom are still living in an apartment across the street from the hospital as he continues to recover and adjust medication levels to find just the right combo (he's on 29 of 'em!).

He attends physical therapy three times a week to strengthen his muscles and build up endurance, and has other various doctor's appointments throughout the week.

He is able to walk now (without oxygen) for a couple of minutes!  With continued work, he will be able to build up towards not needing a wheelchair at all.
The amazing 5!  

This is the lung transplant "class" of October 2013.  
Actually, it's not the entire month, but these are the lung transplant recipients from my dad's particular week at Baylor hospital in Dallas.  (I can't believe the hours these surgeons work!)

They each happened to be at the physical therapist's office together, and we had to snap a commemorative picture of the group.

It was so amazing to meet them,

to witness the unbelievable medical advancements that they represent,

to hear them encourage one another with the challenges in their recoveries,

to thank God for giving each of them the gift of life and breath.

Me, Dad, and my sister, Jill

We're proud of you, Dad!

So glad to see you doing so well and we continue to pray for your progress.

Keep up the hard work!

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