Thursday, May 22, 2014

at 19 months...

It's like all of a sudden, Jameson has gone from baby to boy.  As with every second (and subsequent) child, I have done a pitiful job documenting his milestones, so let's do a little catching up.

At 19 months:

  • Jameson has figured out going up and down stairs.  
  • He understands everything we're saying and can follow basic commands like "put that in the trash," or "don't put that in your mouth."
  • This kid EATS!  He's going to be the teenager that devours 4 hamburgers instead of 1.  He often eats more than his big sister!  Favorite foods include: hot dogs, beans, mushrooms, green beans, pizza, rice, sandwiches/bread, spaghetti, and cooked carrots.  Notice there are no fruits in that list- he doesn't like 'em.
  • He's still at 2 naps a day and sleeps from approx. 7:45pm-7:00am.

  • Jameson has always had an engineer mind.  He enjoys figuring out how things work.  (and then destroys it...)
  • This boy isn't saying much (only a handful of words: mama, dada, hi, thank you, bye), but he can hum a tune with perfect pitch and rhythm!  His "singing" is already so impressive!  Speaking of music, he's fascinated by the guitar and the drums already.
  • Because he doesn't have the language skills (and probably because he's a boy), Jameson's got a problem with hitting when he gets angry.  And he's got quite an arm, let me tell ya.  I quite often get slugged in the face, which is really fun and patience-producing for Mommy...
  • Speaking of Mommy, he has turned "MAMA!" not just into my name, but into his way of saying "I want!  I demand!"  So he wants a drink, "MAMA! MAMA!"  He sees a brownie, "MAMA!  MAMA!"  You get the picture.

  •  Daddy is the one.  This is a Daddy's BOY.  You literally have to tear him apart from his Daddy kicking and screaming.  He LOVES Marc. (but don't we all?)
  • His favorite movie is Frozen.  (wonder why...)  Favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Favorite books include a Martin Luther King Jr. book we have, Pajama Time, and Ten Little Ladybugs.
  • He is already GREAT at playing ball.  He could do it all day.  He can dribble a soccer ball.  He has quite an arm on him, too. (as I've already said...)  Definitely seeing some music and athletics in his future.  
  • Words to describe Jameson would be: CUTE!, chilled-out, good natured, fun-loving, smart, athletic, all boy, social, and inquisitive.

  • Jameson is the quintessential little brother who knocks down his sister's towers and yet plays princesses with her, too.  Just as long as he can be with his big sister.  He ADORES her.  If she's upset and crying, he's upset and crying.  He especially likes the feel of her nice, smooth head.
  • Though he doesn't have many words, he gives the sweetest, cutest little high-pitched "uh-huh" to answer our questions "yes."  It is so adorable.
  • He's interested in using a fork at mealtimes. (though he uses the other hand to shovel it in! ha!)
  • Funny noises and expressions make him laugh.
  • He is truly a delight to everyone that knows him, and he's got a Mommy, Daddy, and big sister who could just gobble him UP!
We love you, sweet Jameson!

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