Sunday, May 4, 2014

puzzle pieces...

A month ago I had no idea (and no intention) that I'd be moving. 

And as if things felt like they were in high gear before, it's only kicked into higher.  

When I last updated you all, we were unsure as to our plans with our house.  We originally had hoped to rent it, but also considered selling.  After several showings (for both renters and buyers) and dealings with various people, the Lord truly sent us the family for which we had been hoping.  (and they've moved here from Texas, of all places!  yay!)  

They'll be living here for at least the next two years while the husband is in med school.  Four precious children ages 14 down to 3.  We know they'll care for our house as if it were theirs, and though we met one another through craigslist, it's already really creepy how many connections we have with them.  

Truly a small world.  I take this as the Lord's sweet provision as we follow His leading.

The same day we found tenants for our home, our niece, Callie and her soon-to-be husband, James, had an offer accepted on a house just a mile away from where we'll be living.  So, SO exciting.

My little brain just can't wrap itself around all of the pieces of the puzzle that are merging together for us to go downtown.  I guess as He's writing the story of our lives, this part of the script is flying by so fast.  No time for slow, meaningful character development-- this is all action, baby!  

It truly is confirmation to my anxious, weary soul of His long-standing kindness and tender care for His children.  He WILL take care of me.  I need not worry.

The next step in the puzzle is to get a moving date.   And a small army would be even better.  The move-in date has been moved up (no pun intended) from what we had initially thought to help out our tenants/new friends, and we have some traveling and a wedding ahead of us in which we need to plan around.  So time is now VERY short.  And I don't exactly know how it will all come together.  But somehow it will, right?

I need to start by hunting down boxes, and everyone's telling me the liquor stores are the best places for 'em.  I know after all of this, I might just need something more from there than boxes!  ha!

My camera has been snapping pictures right and left these days, but unfortunately not to take pictures of my kids.  I feel like I'm selling half of my life on craigslist or ebay right now.  (Not only do we need to downsize, but my thinking is the less stuff I have, the less stuff I have to pack and move, right?)

Here's a couple of pics I DID manage to snap of the kids so that the grandmas (and birthmommy Megan) will be satisfied...  

Jameson.  Suddenly he's no longer a baby, y'all.    It's like I blinked and in walked this toddler boy.   Thankfully he still likes snuggles with Mommy after naps, if even just for a minute.  I'll take anything- not ready to give that up.

And while we're hard at work preparing to move, these two are so, so good for each other.  Caroline is one amazing big sister.  Jameson ADORES her, and so do we all.  Thank you, God, for my children's sweet love for one another.

Will update more soon!

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