Tuesday, May 20, 2014

enjoy the moment...

This is our life right now!  Everything in boxes, getting ready to make the move downtown.
 Even the pots and pans are packed away now, so you know what that means for Mommy...


(Can you tell I'm a little excited?  See, there are some advantages to moving after all...)
 We are, ahem, quite literally getting rid of all of our "stuff" in preparation for the next family to move in to our place....

And naturally, while you've got SO much going on in your life, what do you and your family do?

Why, pack up and head to the beach for RUF Summer Conference with the college students, of course!

On the car trip to Florida, (12 hours) Jameson had lots of important calls to make.

 Ahhhh.... I'll take this over packing boxes ANYDAY.

Look at this little swim diva!
Let's not even think about all that awaits us when we make it back to Virginia.
 Right now, we're just going to enjoy the donut... uh, I mean, the moment.
 Because as fast as these little ones are growing up, we've got to soak up this day to its fullest.

 We'll worry about the moving later...

what a nice break to just be together!

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