Saturday, April 4, 2015

7 year old guest blogger time...

Hi, everyone! This is Caroline. I am so glad to see you all today!
I have been on spring break from last Friday to the next Tuesday
so I will be writing a blog. I am writing about this because I like to 
write things so I love to write blogs out to people. 

Today I will be writing about how we made Jameson's headboard.
Everyone, I did the same thing to my fireplace just like this picture
below! (Except I used pink fabric instead of brown fabric.)

Do any of you have a kind of fireplace in your bedroom?
This is kind of like a workbook to show you how to make a
creative headboard.  Here we go!
This is a old fireplace they had during the Civil War
in Jameson's room. Instead of using it as a fireplace,
we are going to make it into a headboard. I like the 
 kind of bricks they used to make the fireplace.

So... what we did was we cut a wood piece the size
that would fit Jameson's fireplace headboard. Then 
we cut out soft pieces of fabric called batting. We cut
out a little bit extra so dad could staple it to the back.

Jameson wants to push through the crowd to see what 
dad was doing. Haha!

Dad will fold the fabric onto the board piece...

And Jameson will staple it! Don't staple your finger,
baby! Ha!

Jameson is done stapling! Be careful, Jameson!
Watch your finger!

This is what it looked like next.(A little line in the fabric- boo hoo!)
But you won't see it. YAY!

We agreed that Jameson's headboard fabric 
should be brown to match his room color. 
Don't make it wrinkled like this photo, dad!
Ha ha!

Mom was also taking pictures when I was.
Hey, thanks mom! 

Jameson is doing a little shake it happy dance.
Go Jameson, GO! Ha ha!

This is what it looked like when the fabric came on,
and it was put into the fireplace headboard. YAY!
Almost done!

"Yay! We're all done!" Jameson says, hugging mom.

TADA! Jameson's bed is pushed back into it's spot. YAY!

I hope to see you all again very soon.

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  1. Great job everybody and excellent storytelling Caroline!!