Thursday, April 16, 2015

keep writing...

Honestly, I didn't know if I'd ever see the day when my dad would be well enough to travel to my house again.  It's been years!

The last time he was able to come was Jameson's first month of life, and afterwards his health quickly declined before he received his transplant a year and a half ago.  Since then, it seems like he's had one complication/set-back after another, but his goal was always to get out east to see us.

Thankfully, he's currently feeling the best he's ever felt, and though it was a sad reason to travel (his mother passing away), it was also incredibly meaningful to have he and my mom here once again.

 It was a short, but very sweet, visit.  Our kids LOVED having Pop and Mamie come see them.
They got to visit Caroline's classroom and see all the unbelievable things this girl is learning in 1st grade!
 Turns out they were here on the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, which is a huge deal here because we live only 20 miles from Appomattox!  At the exact moment of the signing, church bells across our city were ringing out, just as they did 150 years ago.
 After my parents' visit, we all headed down to Raleigh where my grandparents and extended family live.  It was hard to be there and not see my grandma.  I hate death.

I grew up across the country from my grandparents.  We would see them on holidays or special occasions.  But in a way, I think my grandparents actually got to know me best over the last several years through my writing on this blog.  My grandma, being the tech savvy one in the bunch, was a devoted reader, and anytime I posted, she'd call my grandpa over to see it.

Numerous times they have praised my writing (like every good grandparent would), but I'll never forget what my Grandpa told me just minutes before my Grandma's memorial service.

"Amy," he said, "keep writing."

I choked back tears.

"I was all caught up with your writing until 10 days ago.  I've never known someone who exposes their soul in their writing like you do.  You have such a story to tell."

 I don't know how or if Grandpa will continue to keep up with this blog, but if you're reading this, Grandpa, thank you.

Thank you for your inspiring words
and reminding me of God's work in my life.

But more than that,
thank you for being a faithful husband for seventy years.

Thank you for being a faithful minister of God's word for at least that long, too.

Thank you for your gentleness and humor that all who know you adore.

I love you.

And I promise you I'll keep writing.

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