Tuesday, April 7, 2015

trampled by the easter bunny...

Ahh, a nice Easter event right in our neighborhood!

We showed up and immediately took a pic with the Easter bunny.

As you can see, Jameson wasn't so sure about it...

This year the annual event, complete with Easter egg hunts for all ages, was run by our very own community center director, Tremayne!

Just a word about Tremayne, (or "Mr. T" as the kids call him) because he's awesome.  He has single-handedly turned around our community center from being on the city's chopping block to  being one of the most thriving!  The free after-school care program he runs went from just a handful of students to over 30 kids!  He LOVES what he does, and the kids (including mine!) absolutely adore him.  

Jameson was much more comfortable around the real bunnies.

(The spring foliage provided for some cute shots.)

The kids enjoyed a decorate-your-own cookie.
 Caroline with Mr. T after her egg hunt.
But the story of the day came later that morning.

Remember Jameson's initial hesitation around the Easter bunny?

I'd seen him scouting out that bunny all morning long, and I could tell his affections were changing.  All of a sudden, he was pulling my hand saying, "Easter Bunny, mommy.  Let's go see the Easter bunny, mommy!"

He was going to give that bunny a chance afterall.

Halfway towards the bunny, Jameson dropped my hand and took off on his own.  I watched as he scooted through the crowd, and juuuuuust as he reached out his arms to hug Mr. Bunny's legs, the bunny took a giant step forward completely unaware of Jameson's presence, knocking Jameson flat to the ground!  Jameson's eyes were so wide, trying to take in what had just happened!

(Okay, I have to admit that in that moment, I was kinda torn.  Do I get the camera out and snap the picture of my child crying on the ground from being TRAMPLED by the Easter Bunny?  Or just do the good mom thing and scoop him up in my arms?

I did the good mom thing.  Sorry to those who'd have loved to seen that.)

What happened next was even better.

So I'm leaning over being the good mom, and the Easter Bunny has just realized he's knocked down my kid who is crying hysterically.  He leans over attempts to console Jameson with pats, etc., but to no avail.  So naturally, what would any bunny do in that situation?

Put his hands over his mouth in shame and quickly hop off!

Oh yes he did.

Daddy, I've just been traumatized by the Easter bunny.
Hope you had a happy Easter!

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  1. I agree with Jameson....that Easter bunny is creepy! The real bunnies are cute. Check out the size of that one he likes....whew!