Wednesday, September 16, 2015

christians come in all different shapes and sizes...

I don't know why it is, but where I live, there's this pervasive unspoken rule that to be Christian is also to be Republican.  To be Christian is to call yourself a "conservative".  Some say that to be Christian means you abstain from all alcohol and tobacco.

In my town, our college students are generally only shown one "flavor" of Christianity.  It's touted as if it's the only flavor, the only true flavor.  Loving and serving Jesus looks like A, B, and C.

May I lovingly ask is if it's possible for someone to be a true Christian and not be those things?  Is there room in God's kingdom for those who might be convinced that no political party reflects all of the kingdom values of our Savior?  Can libertarians, republicans, democrats, and socialists all gather around the Communion table together on Sunday morning?

I'm not seeking to debate.  I'm not seeking to incite.

As we come into this political season (ugh, heaven help us all to get through it!), I'm realizing how much God has opened my eyes and given me perspective I never had before.  He's leading our family to embrace kingdom values such as caring for the poor and oppressed, welcoming the outsider, a hunger for justice, and seeing the image of God in every human being.

(I can already hear it... Amy, it's the church's job to care for the poor, not the government's.... but here's my question.  How can we even think that's possible when we, the church, can't even staff our own NURSERIES?!)

Historically, Christians have always come down on politics on different sides.  I believe we still can.

Christians come in ALL different political shapes and sizes.  Sadly, where I live, to be "Christian" means there is only one option at the ballot box, and often there is little to no understanding of how a true follower of Christ could possibly see things any other way.

I'm not hugely into politics.  I don't think any party or politician has it all together.  I'm not looking to the kingdoms of this world to fix that which only Jesus can.  I don't want any part of the endless arguments and culture wars where neither side is listening to the other.

But I don't buy into the lie that to be Christian is to, by default, be Republican.

There's room in the Kingdom for all shapes and sizes.

"My kingdom is not of this world..." John 18:36

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