Sunday, September 13, 2015

white mama at the black barber: the fade...

Nope, we can't sit still.

So yes, that's me wearing a cape holding Jameson in place for his hair cut.

I'm still learning so much about my son's hair.  Even within black hair, his curl type is very hard to work with and least desired.  So I'm still feeling clueless these days, but at least I'm feeling a little more justified in it.

I suppose one might wonder why not cut off Jameson's hair and just go super-short?  I don't know.  I guess I'm kinda partial to longer hair styles on black boys, and for the time being, I'm determined to try figuring out how I can make such a tight curl pattern look a little more defined and moisturized.  Maybe one day I'll give up, but for now, I still want to try for curls and twists.

(There's probably also something to say about having a daughter with alopecia here, too... if I can't do her hair, at least I can still do his...)

This time at the barber, we went with a slightly different style, the fade.  (where it's more full on top and gradually tapered on the back and sides)  I think this will work better for Jameson than a mini 'fro cut since it's his back and sides that curl up so tightly anyways, which makes it difficult to pick through and sends him grabbing the pick out of my hand.

new 'do'
Caroline decided that she, too, needed a haircut from Mrs. Brittany.  I loved her sense of humor about her alopecia in the moment.  (Thank you, God, that we can laugh at it today!)

And who'd have guessed there'd be the PERFECT store for all of my children's unique haircare issues in my own small town??  Well, I found it, and I was one happy gal!

Where can I simultaneously purchase a wig brush AND curl moisturizer??  THIS place! 

This shall be my new hair (and lack of hair) Mecca indeed.

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