Sunday, October 18, 2009

at 20 months...

It's the 18th of the month! This time it means I'm no longer in my teens- I've now hit the big 2-0! We're on the homestretch now towards turning 2 in February! At 20 months...

  • I'm WAY more expressive! :) In fact, my vocabulary is 100+ words and growing each day. I'm starting to string 2 & 3 words together to make my own sentences. I've picked up basic phrases like saying "bleshu" after someone sneezes & "amen" at the end of praying.
  • I like to lay down & take my bath on my tummy these days. Ahhhh... so relaxing.
  • I still continue to have a bad case of separation anxiety, but I'm showing some slow improvement. During church, I don't scream & cry the whole time anymore... I just ask to be held by a nursery worker. With babysitters, it's hit or miss... depending on my mood.

  • I can now get my guns up for the Red Raiders! (I say, "Go Texy-Tech!")
  • I tell you when something hurts-- the other day I said "hurted" instead of just "hurts." (so what if it wasn't correct grammar? At least it tells Mommy that my language is well on its way...)
  • I LOVE to fill in the blanks-- whether it's reading books or singing songs, I always like to try to have the last word. ha!

  • This time of year I get to bundle up & pick up leaves on the mower with Daddy.
  • I'm pretty proficient at going down stairs now. (although I usually don't mind holding onto somebody's hand)
  • If Mommy & Daddy forget, sometimes I'll remind them we need to pray. ("pray" & hold out my hands)
  • Some examples of what I say: "our car," "boy girl," "near far," "blueberries," "bubble bath," "Daddy go," (where did Daddy go?) "Daddy work," (Daddy is at work) "no kick" (reminding myself it's not okay to kick Mommy on the changing table), & "muh see 'em" ("I wanna see him.")

Those teen months were great, but you know what? I think I'm gonna love my 20's even more! :)
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  1. Caroline,

    Happy 20th! It is about that time again. Nanny & Papa are ready to press our faces against your sweet little face. We love you and miss you very much. Hope to see you soon.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. We've been waiting for the day she could get her guns up! Yay!!

  3. michael and cherylOctober 20, 2009 at 7:03 AM

    We can't wait to hear all the new words at Thanksgiving!