Saturday, October 10, 2009

god's good gifts...

This week we got to see & experience several gifts from God:

1. Our friends here, Moose & Carrie, had baby Audrey Jane (baby #3, but first girl!).

2. Our family got to head up to Waynesboro, VA (in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley) to stay with friends and enjoy some outdoor relaxing together before Daddy had to go to presbytery meetings. (Waynesboro was where my Pop lived when he was a little guy!)

(by the way, my language is still exploding! Here's an example: I saw a canoe & walked over to it & said, "boat." (not new) Then I spotted another canoe next to it, walked over to that one and said, "ANOTHER boat." It was pretty amazing to Mom & Dad.) :)

A new phrase: "uppey deer, uppey deer" (up the stairs)

3. While we were there staying with old friends, we got to meet some special friends. Do you guys remember baby Spencer & praying for his rollercoaster adoption situation 6 months ago? (he also has a birthmommy Megan!) As much as we felt like we walked through the adoption together with Ann Marie & Mike, it was crazy to think we had never met face-to-face until now! Spencer is such a beautiful blessing to his family, just like I am to mine. :)

4. For any of you who know us from our days in Lubbock, a dear former student of ours, Erin Pillsbury, (Chelsea's younger sister) just got engaged! We are thrilled for her.

Thank you, God, for these good gifts.
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  1. Waynesboro was our first church appointment. David was a year old. He was a very smart, outgoing little boy.
    Grandma Barnett

  2. Hi! I came across your blog some time ago from Jackie Parks' blog (I am friends with her SIL Leslie), and have never commented before, but just had to when I read you were in Waynesboro. I live in Waynesboro. I wonder if I know the friends you were visiting? Caroline is precious, and I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Hi there, Tylers! Nice to "meet" you! :) We stayed just outside of Waynesboro (in Grottoes?) with John & Debbie Bennetch, who used to lead worship for our church here in Lynchburg & now he leads worship for a church there in Waynesboro. (can't think of the name right this second...) Do you happen to know them?

  4. No, don't think I know them. But we live right at the edge of Waynesboro, so we are pretty close to Grottoes. Anyways, nice to "meet" you as well. :)