Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween meet-n-greet...

Jesus had a few words to say about loving your neighbors, and what better day is there than Halloween to do just that! Several weeks ago, Susan (Leah's mom) & I (Amy, aka Caroline's mom) had the idea of throwing a Halloween party/meet-n-greet for our neighborhood around dinner time before all the trick-or-treating/fall festivals started up.

We had NO idea if anyone was even going to show up, but we put little flyers in everybody's mailbox inviting them to come stop by! We had a homemade sign, homemade chili, Susan made a cool haunted house cake (standing up on the center of table), and lots of other food! Since it was raining, we got pushed up onto our porch, but that was okay....

It ended up being a huge success!! (even WITH the rain!) We had SO many of our neighbors come by at different times & it was great for me to meet many of them for the first time. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and it really felt like "the good 'ole days" when neighbors actually talked to each other, you know? So I haven't talked to Susan about this yet, but I'm thinking this should be an annual tradition... and maybe some other holidays, too?? :) (what do you think, Susan?) Let's bring some community back into our community!
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