Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at 21 months...

I turned 21 months today! At 21 months...

-I am a chatterbox! My vocabulary is growing by the minute! I'm talking in 2-4 word sentences & I can tell you what I want. (ex. "Daddy go work." "Go see Mommy." "More cereal." "Fire going." "No kick chair.")

-I LOVE going to church now! (finally- no crying going to the nursery! hooray!) After church, all the bigger kids like to follow me as I run around and there's no doubt I LOVE the attention.
-When I'm riding in the car, I'm pretty obsessed with looking for planes (you wouldn't believe how I can spot a "pwane!" sometimes), stars ("dars"), and deer.

-I am a sponge for learning. Anything you throw at me I'll learn. Mommy & Daddy like singing lots of hymns to me & my favorite one right now is "Holy Holy Holy." I can sing most of the "ABC's" too.
-My hair just started falling out!? (anyone know what that's about?)

-My little sense of humor is starting to kick in. Mommy & I can look at each other and crack up making faces at each other.
-I'm a happy gal who is sooooooo loved.
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  1. Hi sweet 21 month old! I can't believe what a talker you are! Love it. We'll have to chat soon.

  2. Mommy should start brushing your scalp more to massage the hair folicles. That may help the falling hair. Then it may be just a time of getting rid of baby hair and getting new hair. Who knows. If it continues, you may want to mention to the Doc.

    Happy 21 Caroline. Love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa