Thursday, November 19, 2009

hair loss...

In yesterday's post, I (Amy) mentioned that in the past couple of days, we've noticed patches of Caroline's hair falling out. And while it's normal for that to happen to itty bitty babies, it's apparently not normal for toddlers her age.

So after a trip to the doctor this morning, it turns out she's got a kind of fungal infection of the scalp that's making her hair fall out. Poor thing- right now it's probably not super-noticeable to the average person, but it's definitely becoming more noticeable. You can see several "clearings" starting to show on her head. (it obviously isn't bothering her a bit!-- we're just hoping to get this situation turned around as quickly as possible so she doesn't keep losing hair!)

The doc couldn't tell it was a fungal infection from looking at it, but under the microscope, the cells from the scalp were showing that it was fungal. So, after some more scraping of the scalp & some bloodwork (oh, can I just say how utterly TERRIBLE it is to hold a crying toddler in your arms while they fill a VIAL of blood from their finger!), she'll have to take some anti-fungal oral medications twice a day for 8 WEEKS! (good grief!)

Just wanted you all to know so you can pray for us as we start this medicine asap. Pray for no side effects, for the hair loss to stop, that this infection would leave quickly, & for Mommy & Daddy to stop being anxious & rest in God's sovereignty. Thanks, dear friends.


  1. Caroline,

    That's alright. Your cousin Callie didn't have any hair until she was at least two years old. We are praying for you and for Mommy & Daddy. God is in control.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. She is still very cute. :)

    And, if you recall.. not a hair can fall from our head without the will of God.

    There you have it. God is using Caroline to teach you about real scripture is. :)

  3. Tickles the Cat had something similar. Not fun. Glad you caught it. Hope the medicine tastes good. Love, Mamie

  4. oh no! fungal infections are no fun to treat!

  5. Thanks, Nanny :) and actually I think it was more like 3.

    Is it itching her at all? Make sure it is not contagious. I had ringworm once (actually a fungus not a worm), but not in my hair. It itched like crazy, though.

  6. This blog is becoming more like reality tv. Mamie

  7. I am sorry to hear she has to take medicine for so long but I am glad it is treatable. I will keep this matter in my prayers;)- Lisa
    PS. JJ is losing a fingernail to a fungal infection that caused alot of pain for him but it was treatable too.