Sunday, November 8, 2009

making papa & nanny proud...

Papa, you'll be proud of me...

I love cheeseburgers! (this was my first time I bit into a whole one! "Yummy!")

Nanny, you'll be proud of me...

I love to help Mommy clean.

New words/phrases:
-"How 'bout..." (as I pick out a book)
-"won't you sing with me" (the end of A,B,C's- 5 words in a row!)
-"crocodile" & "panda," "myk-rave" (microwave), "quiet"
-"Mommy play violin"
-counting quickly to 14!

Funny fact: This morning in the nursery, I kept calling one of the little boys "crazy"!! (ha!!)
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  1. 'Mommy play violin' - how sweet! You do play beautifully, for sure.

  2. Caroline,
    You are one smart little girl. I am very proud of you. So is Papa. Hope to see you soon and buy you a cheeseburger and watch you eat it with french fries. We love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa