Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween then & now...

Last year I was a turtle.

This year I was a ladybug!

And a pretty cute one at that...

Last Halloween, Leah & I barely knew each other.

And now we're so close we can pick our noses together. :)

Ha ha, real funny, Mom. That was real funny.

Leaving to trick-or-treat last year.

Leaving to trick-or-treat this year. ("tick-uh-treat")

Last year I could only dream of what candy would taste like...

And this year... mmmmmm.....
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halloween meet-n-greet...

Jesus had a few words to say about loving your neighbors, and what better day is there than Halloween to do just that! Several weeks ago, Susan (Leah's mom) & I (Amy, aka Caroline's mom) had the idea of throwing a Halloween party/meet-n-greet for our neighborhood around dinner time before all the trick-or-treating/fall festivals started up.

We had NO idea if anyone was even going to show up, but we put little flyers in everybody's mailbox inviting them to come stop by! We had a homemade sign, homemade chili, Susan made a cool haunted house cake (standing up on the center of table), and lots of other food! Since it was raining, we got pushed up onto our porch, but that was okay....

It ended up being a huge success!! (even WITH the rain!) We had SO many of our neighbors come by at different times & it was great for me to meet many of them for the first time. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and it really felt like "the good 'ole days" when neighbors actually talked to each other, you know? So I haven't talked to Susan about this yet, but I'm thinking this should be an annual tradition... and maybe some other holidays, too?? :) (what do you think, Susan?) Let's bring some community back into our community!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

fall fun & halloween ready...

Regardless of what YOU might think about it, I happen to think McDonald's is downright AMAZING. They just built a brand new one a minute away from our house, and I'm content to do the toddler slide by myself over and over...

...even on my tummy! whee!

I mean, where else can you SLIDE & then eat ice cream!?! (and it was all the better that my Nanny & Papa were here with us!)

Nanny & I carved our pumpkins to get them ready for our neighborhood Halloween meet-n-greet tomorrow. (please note that I used a plastic "nahf") :)

And waalah! Ready for the big day!

Y'all have a great Halloween, okay??
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

theology for babies...

I'm getting lots better at my catechism questions! (remember when I first started?) These are such big truths for such little people!

(...if any of you parents are interested in teaching your children, here's where you can get a copy for $1.50)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

breaking up is so hard to do...

Dear Stove,
You don't know how hard this is for me to say. But I've been doing alot of thinking lately, and I feel like our relationship is losing the heat that it once had and well, it's just becoming more and more one-sided.

So I think it's best we go our separate ways. There. I said it. You've been so good to me, and I don't want to hurt you.

I'll always treasure the memories we had together...

oh, I get teary-eyed just thinking about the times that you & I shared.

But there's something else I have to tell you... there's a new man in my life now.

And with 4 working burners (as opposed to your 3), the sparks are really flying between us. (not to mention HIS burner coils aren't lop-sided PLUS he's got a working timer and clock, and you know the best thing about him? He cleans up after HIMSELF!)

You know the last thing I want to do is break your heart, but it just seemed like everything was already beginning to break anyway...

It was great while it lasted, but it's time to move on. I hope you find the same amount of happiness that I've found. Maybe we can still be friends.

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birthday girls...

Happy Birthday to my Auntie Jill AND my birthmommy Megan today!

We love y'all THIS much...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

my yard...

You can't help but love the fall in Virginia...

Here's something else you can't help but love... :)

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

facebook "friends"...

Alright, I admit it. I'm a facebook addict. I can't really tell you why my heart eagerly awaits to log in sometimes and see what is "happening" with other people. (Perhaps it appeals to the inner "stalker" in all of us?) Isn't technology these days incredible? I mean, it used to be that if we wanted to check the weather, we had to actually GO OUTSIDE, hold out our hands, look up at the sky, and make our best guess.

And then... came the Weather Channel. Wasn't it so awesome when we got an entire CHANNEL devoted to non-stop weather? (in case we forgot to watch yesterday's evening news) Sure, you had to sit through all the commercials and see that Seattle was going to be rainy (big surprise there), but we thought we were big stuff. We had arrived. Oh, the Weather Channel.

And NOW, all my husband has to do is whip his cell phone out of his pocket, say the word "WEATHER," and in a matter of milliseconds, a screen pops up telling him what the local weather will be like EVERY HOUR. Amazing.

But is it all amazing? I don't know. There's certainly nothing inherently wrong or evil about technology in and of itself (though I suppose some people wouldn't agree with that). I mean, is a computer evil for giving a military wife & children the new ability to Skype with their loved one overseas? Absolutely not! But unfortunately, I am evil. And like all of us in different ways, I like to take things that are created as GOOD and misuse or abuse them. The problem isn't with my computer- it's with my heart.

And with all of the advances in our ability to communicate and spread/share information (like this blog!), I see some sad realities, too. How ironic that these very things that are invented to bring us closer together are many times what is hurting our ability to have real relationships with other people.

Let's just take facebook, for example...

In the world of facebook, I can tailor-make what I want you to know about me. If someone just happened to snap a picture of me on one of those rare good hair-days, you'd better believe that's gonna be my new profile pic. Come to think of it, rarely do you see a profile picture of us at our worst, do you? No one is snapping pictures when I'm speaking harshly to my husband or clipping my toenails, for example. No way! That's not how we want to be seen, so from the very get-go, we've begun a facade of who we really are. We've already warped reality.

And here's the reality: In the "real" world (vs. the online one), it used to be that you had something called "friends." These were different from our 238 facebook "friends"-- no, these were just a few, hand-select group of people that knew what was going on in your day-to-day life. (and I mean REALLY knew what was going on in your life- not just by reading a catchy "status" line that YOU spent hours carefully crafting each word...)

And these friends would do things like come to my door and visit me. (gasp!) They would sit down next to me or go to a real place with me, giving up their day to do it. We would talk. Face-to-face. And sometimes there would be silence. And sometimes there'd be an awkward moment, leaving me not knowing quite what to say. (and I didn't have the "benefit"--or the control in the relationship, rather-- of planning and preparing my responses...whatever left my mouth was it.) And it was messy and awkward and involved... and it was REAL.

As much as I LOVE facebook, the reality is that my facebook "friends" don't even have to get off of their COUCH to see me or to lie/flatter me by saying how cute my pictures are. And I don't have to expend any energy to actually CALL you or talk to you to see how you're doing-- I can just log in at my own convenience! And the problem is that the minute that I "unplug" and I'm left sitting alone on my couch, I'm instantly lonely.

And I feel the desire to have friends.
So I log in.
And thus begins the vicious cycle all over again.

In the "old" days, it used to be that your community of friends helped you understand yourself- you didn't need a computer to tell you what Disney character represented you the best, or how many kids you'll have one day. Those were things we actually TALKED about.

And if we really cared about someone, I mean, really cared, we would:

go out of our house,
get in our car,
drive to a store,
purchase something,
come home,
wrap it up,
and hand it to you in person.

A "gift" wasn't a digital image that you clicked to send to someone's computer.

So call me old fashioned, but there are just some things that I think we all need to think upon more reflectively: Why do I like to post a status that I know will get others to comment? What am I using technology for, anyways? Do I read someone's profile page or blog and use that as a substitute for actually knowing them? How much am I using technology in honest, beneficial ways, and how much am I misusing it to have false relationships? What is it in my heart that feels "missing" when I don't have my technology around? And does my justification rest truly in Christ's approval of me, or in how many people say they "like" my status?

Thank goodness Jesus got off the couch (so-to-speak) and came down from heaven to save techno-addicts like us. And he didn't sit around wasting much of his life behind a screen. And he didn't worry about what clever little line he was going to say next. And he didn't have to make himself look better so people would like him. He had a handful of real friends who ate with him, walked with him, and talked with him. And he had thousands of others whom HE sought out, (and walked miles and miles to visit!) meeting real, physical needs, touching and healing and embracing real people. Thankfully he didn't give us digital images that would ultimately leave us lonely and thirsting for more, but He gave us Himself and said, "I am the living water. He who believes in me will never thirst again."

You better believe I'll still be on facebook, coming up with attention-grabbing statuses and commenting on photos of my "friends," but it's certainly no substitute for the real deal. But maybe, just maybe, I'll do a little less typing and a little more talking...

Friday, October 23, 2009


You guys wanna hear some of my words? This certainly isn't comprehensive, but you can hear a little of what I'm saying these days...

Another recent word: Yes, after any sudden or startling noise I now say, "gaird." (aka. "I'm scared.")

Another recent "milestone": twice in a row at 5:00am, Mommy found me crying out in my crib because I had woken up & stripped myself down out of my pajamas & was cold. (ha!) I guess that's the price you pay for learning how to unzip & undress, but they sure don't want THAT to turn into any kind of future career path! ha ha!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

red raider...

It started as a baby, folks, and these guys refuse to give up.

I think they're gonna make me a Texas Tech fan one way or the other. And what can I say? Even though I'm a proud Virginia girl now, I WAS a Texas Tech baby. (what's the saying? "You can take the baby out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the baby"...)

So get your guns up, Raiders!

He he he he....

p.s. and speaking of Texas... happy birthday, Pop!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

potential future career paths #11...

Yesssss, it's that time again! Oh, the wonderful opportunities that potentially lie ahead for me...

Actress in a thriller movie. (gasp!)

Taxi cab driver. In ALASKA.

Snake charmer/snake whisperer.


Sound effect performer? (as you can imagine, this certainly made some funny sounds)

??? Alright- let's hear those guesses! Can't wait to laugh at what you guys come up with!
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

at 20 months...

It's the 18th of the month! This time it means I'm no longer in my teens- I've now hit the big 2-0! We're on the homestretch now towards turning 2 in February! At 20 months...

  • I'm WAY more expressive! :) In fact, my vocabulary is 100+ words and growing each day. I'm starting to string 2 & 3 words together to make my own sentences. I've picked up basic phrases like saying "bleshu" after someone sneezes & "amen" at the end of praying.
  • I like to lay down & take my bath on my tummy these days. Ahhhh... so relaxing.
  • I still continue to have a bad case of separation anxiety, but I'm showing some slow improvement. During church, I don't scream & cry the whole time anymore... I just ask to be held by a nursery worker. With babysitters, it's hit or miss... depending on my mood.

  • I can now get my guns up for the Red Raiders! (I say, "Go Texy-Tech!")
  • I tell you when something hurts-- the other day I said "hurted" instead of just "hurts." (so what if it wasn't correct grammar? At least it tells Mommy that my language is well on its way...)
  • I LOVE to fill in the blanks-- whether it's reading books or singing songs, I always like to try to have the last word. ha!

  • This time of year I get to bundle up & pick up leaves on the mower with Daddy.
  • I'm pretty proficient at going down stairs now. (although I usually don't mind holding onto somebody's hand)
  • If Mommy & Daddy forget, sometimes I'll remind them we need to pray. ("pray" & hold out my hands)
  • Some examples of what I say: "our car," "boy girl," "near far," "blueberries," "bubble bath," "Daddy go," (where did Daddy go?) "Daddy work," (Daddy is at work) "no kick" (reminding myself it's not okay to kick Mommy on the changing table), & "muh see 'em" ("I wanna see him.")

Those teen months were great, but you know what? I think I'm gonna love my 20's even more! :)
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