Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 weeks...

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks of gluten-free. Whew! I (Amy) have gotta admit, I'm feeling quite proud of myself at this point-- I'm DOING it! We're making it! We're 25% of the way through our initial 3 month commitment to this!

Still overwhelmed. Still WAY behind on all of the recipes, contacts, articles, websites, etc. that you all have so generously sent my way. Still struggling with heartache as I watch my baby girl continue to lose hair, struggle with eczema, and see an overall paleness of her skin return after a few days without those problems. It leaves unrelenting doubts in my head-- "is this really what this is? is this going to fix it? is this going to bring her hair back? if so, when will i see results?"

But like alot of things in life, God isn't fixing this one overnight. Nope. We're being challenged to stay faithful to a course for a long time before we might see any results. We're having to sit and REST in uncertainty and ambiguity for awhile, facing fears and idols of our hearts in the meantime. And for people like us who tend to pace in front of the microwave & want everything FAST and INSTANT, this is not the way I want it. But it's the way He has for me. And I have no other option than to cry, deal with the mess in my own heart, do everything I can for my baby girl, and ultimately TRUST Him. (If only that were as easy as it sounds, right?)

The latest "drama" has been suspecting that our baby shampoo might have gluten in it. I know-- isn't it crazy that even our hair/skin products would contain WHEAT?! Like every 2 year old, Caroline likes to take a sip of bath water here or there. SO... the hunt for a gluten-free baby shampoo/wash wasn't as easy as you would think. Or at least in my house it wasn't. (But I think we've found one & will start using tonight. Any recommendations out there for a GF baby sunscreen for the summer, by the way??)

I could practically write a novel about how ridiculously careful you have to be on this diet-- it's not like diabetes where you might be able to "cheat" a little here or there. There is ZERO tolerance. For not even a tiny CRUMB. If the cooking utensil even happened to TOUCH something that has touched bread or anything with gluten in it, you can't eat it. It's been contaminated. If the salad comes with croutons on it, you can't just pick them off. You HAVE to send it back and politely ask for another one. (that's why eating out is very difficult-- you have to talk with the chef about every little thing & no one likes to be "that guy," you know?) Unfortunately it's just a necessary evil with the GF diet.

I see people rolling their eyes when I explain the level of strictness you have to maintain with the diet, and I wish it didn't have to be the case. But I know that everyone who "KNOWS" celiac or gluten intolerances understands because they face exactly the same challenges. (and those who have been on the diet much longer than us have lots more experience about how to handle all of the changes and challenges that it brings.)

At least it continues to get "easier." I have options. I have figured out some go-to meals.

And a certain someone doesn't even know the difference. :) She's just as happy as ever to receive her yummy food. (have I told you yet that when she really likes something, she'll exclaim, "Yummy! It's like ice cream!")

For example: our gluten free lunch today. Cheese, bacon, & apple quesadillas with a side salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, & carrots. (Caroline just started eating the mini "crunchy carrots"- as opposed to the little shredded ones-- and she loves 'em.)

When we eat pizza at home, the only difference is that Caroline gets her own pizza with a gluten-free crust.

And THESE have been a life-saver! Marc swears these are better than regular Cheerio's! The way Caroline goes through them, it must be true.

So we're making it! Thankfully food isn't the center of our lives each day.

This little gal IS. :)
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  1. BACON! mmmmm, that's sounds awesome! now see, you were creative with food! good for you! play with your food! i do!

  2. yeah, that quesadilla sounded awesome! isn't amazing how God grows us through our little children?!? who knew a little child could bring us to the end of ourselves and reveal our insides so efficiently--thank you, thank you for your insights and reminders. strength for the journey, one teensy GF step at a time!

  3. Ice cream is the gold standard for me too, Caroline. I get that.

  4. Hang in there. It will get easier. You all may decide that the GF diet is the best. Thanks for the pics. She is still the most beautiful princess I know.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa

  5. I saw your blog on my sister Marti Barber's facebook page.
    My daughter is 18 and we have been working on a GF diet for the last 2.5 yrs. We also are casein free, soy free, and corn free. We are dealing with a neurological issue, and it appears to be working. The proteins are very similar, which makes it important to consider.
    It does get easier. However, what I have learned for our personal situation is that it is also the % of refined grains in the daily diet. Thankfully there is so much info on the subject and wonderful products.
    Your little one is adorable.

  6. Today I found a new recipe for play dough and it is the best I have tried!!! I immediately thought of you and had to share : )

    We had the same issue with the shampoos and lotions. So many things contain nut oils or milk products or wheat & oats! We use cocoon baby products. They are gluten free as well as vegan and organic. We were concerned about our son's eczema, but it does not irritate his skin. They have a sunscreen that we haven't tried, but I will be getting soon!