Friday, March 26, 2010

hat people...

Who knew that we'd become hat people?! Here's the latest hat that everyone stops me in the grocery store to compliment me on... (and no, Mommy did not make it herself... but she ordered it online from someone who did!)

(my serious expression is due to the fact that Mommy had the audacity to take my picture while I was in the middle of watching Elmo! Doesn't she realize that's important business?) :)
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  1. You could lie and tell them her Mamie made it for her. I need all the good publicity I can get!

    It's really darling; she's really darling, as always.

  2. I got a sneak preview of the hat on scype the other night. Caroline, you wear it well. You are beautiful. You can start modeling hats. How about that?

    Love y'all

    Nanny & Papa

  3. She is SUCH a hat model! That's one cute hat.

    Yes, I recognized the Elmo face...