Saturday, March 20, 2010

at 25 months...

Things have been crazier than usual over here, so we missed giving you the monthly update on the 18th! Well, better late than never, right?

So here we go! At 25 months...

  • I just started spending LOTS of time turning thin pages in my books over and over! (not the thick board-books, but the thinner the page, the better!) Daddy's heavy study Bible provides me endless entertainment as I turn the pages one-by-one. :)
  • My sentences are getting longer and my thoughts are getting deeper. It's now a matter of what can I NOT say now, so here's some of my current mispronunciations that Mommy & Daddy will miss when I finally get them right: "It's stuckin." (for "It's stuck.") "Moogit." (music) "Bretat." (breakfast)
  • As my need for independence increases, so does my temper tantrums. When Mommy tells me to do something I don't want to do, somehow I think if I throw myself down and scream and cry really loud, it'll change her mind. (It doesn't. But I keep trying anyway.)

  • Another new FAVORITE thing to do for endless amounts of time is to drive. I looooove to push all the buttons, turn on the hazard lights, flip the sun visor's up and down, and yes, even wear out the battery on Mommy's car...
  • My most repetitive phrase is "Hey Mommy." (or substitute anyone's name in there-- "Hey Pop." "Hey Daddy." "Hey Mister Mike.") And the way I say it is so sweet that the person can't help but respond "hey Caroline" each time I say it. :)

  • I hardly know I'm on a gluten-free diet. Especially when I get to eat ice cream and yummy gluten-free brownies! Who says gluten-free can't be fun?! (trust me- I'm getting lots of the good stuff, too... )
  • Speaking of eating, I'm now quite the pro with a fork and spoon. I don't like to get my hands messy so I ask for a "wipe" (aka napkin) if something gets on them.
  • Yesterday I started verbally refusing foods in full sentences: "I no like peas!" "I no like dinner!" (I'm not saying all milestones are good...)

  • I like to sit and eat my snacks outside now that the weather is warming up and Mommy & Daddy have been painting the outside of our house (pictures to come). I also like to climb up and down ladders...
  • I'm slowly getting used to wearing a hat outside to protect my scalp from the sun, though I like to throw it off quite often.
  • Today I walked up to Mommy and said (totally on my own initiative!!), "I love you." Mommy instantly beamed with love. She told me there is nothing more beautiful in the world than hearing that.


  1. Wow. That last one made me tear up. So precious!

  2. Thanks for the pics. We love ya'll and miss you Caroline. Hope to see you before too long.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa